Summer tips and suggestions

One week at home has come and gone away. I had been looking forward this week for months. That was a long time, dreaming about eating my mum’s French Spanish fries, swimming in my part of the Mediterranean and walking around being able to understand every word the people around me spoke out (If there is any first year out there reading this, I warn you now: You will miss french fries from the very first moment that you put a foot in the Kfar dinning hall). I just wanted some time to forget about everything around me and also to reflect about my first year.

What I was hoping to be one of the best weeks of the year, turned out being seven extremely weird days of my usually-awkward life. I landed in my Iberian paradise, however things were not as calmed and peaceful as I wanted them to be. Life was fucking around in so many levels.

At the international level, the U.K. decided to break up with the only polygamic relationship I truly believed in. At the national level, my fellow Spaniards were consciously voting again for four more years of unpunished corruption, stupid legislative documents such as the “gag law”, a new dysfunctional educational program and more environmental threats and non-sense “sun taxes”; which makes me wonder if they were actually “consciously voting”. In a more personal approach, there was this bizarre feeling of belonging here and there, which was being constantly fought with the tasks that my family here and the IB there were throwing to my face at a really rapid frequency.

I was quite frustrated with my non-relaxing, non-beach week. This feeling of frustration made it really hard in order to enjoy the company and the time here. I realised then (today, now) how senseless all the reasoning behind my disappointment was. Okay, perhaps it had some logic argumentations, but I’ll try to write a list of things to keep me up productive and satisfied with my summer vacations. Here we go:

  1. I must work.

    This must doesn’t come from a strict obligation but from the fact that I was the one that decided to get involved in all the stuff that I am handling at the moment. I was pretty happy when I signed in, and I know I will be quite content and proud once everything is over so let’s just put hands on everything I have to do and try to get as much as possible from it

  2. I have to do two things I really like every day.

    This one sounds like a simple one, but, believe me: it can get really hard to achieve for me on a daily basis. These summer pleasures can range from a SUP session early in the morning to an intense Arabic session or a deep, evening talk at the top of Santa Barbara’s castle.

  3. I have to keep in touch with the ones that I care about (no matter how much land and water there is between each other).

    A straightforward one.

  4. I need to eat as many fruits as it is humanly possible.

    I have missed fruits for nine months. Time to eat tasty food again.

  5. I should use writing whenever I need it.

    I’m pretty sorry to tell you, my dear small group of readers, that the main goal of this blog is to make my thoughts and ideas clearer. This is the reason why some parts of this blog are quite abstract. My apologies. Along with that goal, this a great way to accomplish #3 in a passive way.

  6. Go out! (more like a command to myself)

    It is the best solution to cut off with the hate-humanity moments right from the roots. Like a shock therapy.

  7. I must remember all the promises that I have done to myself along the years.

    The easy one, I just got to look at my wrist from time to time and remember the meaning of the bracelets.

And with this seven lines. Let’s try to make the most of the following seven days.




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