It’s been a tough week.

Reality has slapped me in the face more than once in the last days. Somehow like it is shown below.

photo with text

The fact that I had just come back from a refreshing experience at Stanford made the shock even harder. All those dreams for a new way of acting and thinking, renewed passion to be the change and more energy to become the healthiest version of myself. They have constantly tried to put them down again and again…

Let’s make a beautiful, BS metaphor. Let’s say that people are towers. There are two types of towers. There are some towers that are happy about their height and if they want to be taller, they work hard for it and bring bricks from the stones they get with sweat and effort. But there are other towers. Those that try to destroy the others in order to take their bricks and put them on their top. Maybe there is no evil in their actions, they just don’t seem to know that they are stealing other towers’ bricks and I just hope that one day they will realise. Anyways, clearer, right?

Oh, no. This is not a cry, nor a depressive post. Just an observation. I’m still going to be happy with the opportunities I have and make the most of them. I find that ignoring those that don’t want to be happy is the best way to bring them to the good side after having tried repeatedly. I’d like to leave you with a verse from a song that has kept giving me goosebumps since the very first time I listened to it:

The feelings and the places and the seasons change, the galaxies remain.



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